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Thoughts & Prayers for the Victims of the Newtown School Shooting

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For a brief moment I want to reflect by expressing my sorrow for the victims of yesterday’s Newtown, Connecticut school shootings.  This also is shared for all of the families & friends of the victims, first responders and the entire Newtown & surrounding communities that have been personally affected.

Despite residing over 1,000 miles away, I can’t help but to feel personally affected and attached to the terrible events that occured. As a united country, we all feel pain & suffering as one large community.

We all have random thoughts that race through our mind. Personally, I don’t know how to convey anything positive from this other than to appreciate those that are close to us in our lives even more so and don’t put things off.

My thoughts & prayers remain with all of you who have been personally affected. May you gain strength and support through your time of need.



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