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Looking for a cool refreshing dessert that absolutely takes the cake? Look no futher than the Publix right around the corner. That’s right! You would think you’d have to travel to the keys to get such a great Key Lime Pie but Publix has been making award-winning pies for years!

Kick back. Relax. This classic Florida moment is brought to you by our famous Key Lime Pie, made with care from the finest ingredients. It’s the perfect balance of tart and sweet, with fresh whipped topping made with heavy whipping cream, freshly toasted almonds, and a delicious graham cracker crust. So take home a pie, and make it your moment.

Facts About Publix Bakery Key Lime Pie

  • We make our pies with only quality ingredients: lime juice, sweetened condensed milk, graham cracker crust, fresh whipped topping and freshly toasted almonds.
  • Our Publix Bakery associates take extra care to ensure each pie is just right. They hand-pipe fresh whipped topping made in-store every day, and lightly toast and then gently hand-crush almonds in-store to hand-apply to each pie. The final touch is the fresh slice of lime that garnishes every pie. Perfect!
  • Our Publix Bakery Key Lime Pie is an award-winner. It was deemed the best Key Lime Pie in the country, winning First Place in the 2011 American Pie Council National Championship.

Check out your local Publix and get your relaxation on!

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