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* This has been recently updated since its originally publishing. It reflects the original publishing with today’s couponing values you can and should incorporate. ✂️💵

I love to save money and I also enjoy helping people save money too! Originally through coupons, then it expanded to discounts, sales based prices and online codes. ✂️💵

That’s why I started my advertising company. I have also enjoyed following the patterns of other expert couponers such as our local coupon expert Doreen Christensen; formerly of the Sun Sentinel newspaper in South Florida. Years ago, sports columnist Dave Hyde with the Sun Sentinel newspaper in South Florida, did a great write up when he got to visit and go on tour with Keith Sims. ✂️💵

Keith Sims Miami DolphinsEnter Keith Sims! Sims is a former Miami Dolphins Pro-Bowl Offensive Lineman. Not only did Sims excel on the highest level of the football field (in the National Football League) blocking for the one and only Dan Marino, he also excels when he goes grocery shopping. He has become an expert at saving money using coupons. It dates back a bit but you can view more with Hyde’s article as he demonstrates examples on how you can save money food shopping at the supermarket too! ✂️💵

Just start couponing – even if it’s on a beginners level! If you are struggling with your income, then you should start couponing. If you have a large income, you should also start couponing. Just because you might have a large amount of money in your bank account, why wouldn’t you want to save money the same way you earn your money. Don’t allow it to disappear by paying full price whenever possible. Wait, do you like paying full price? I hope not! 😉

Save MoneyYou should make it a challenge for yourself to start doing the small things to save money. You have to make time in order to do this. People say they don’t have time or don’t care as they have other things to do. Really?!? Really?!? If someone told you a product you buy at the supermarket is regularly priced at $10; however, if you approached it from a couponing perspective and were told you would only have to pay $7.50 for that same product…it would make sense for you to save $2.50. Right? It’s a no brainer – YES is the correct and ONLY answer. 😎

Let’s expand this to outside of couponing in it’s traditional sense. If you shop online, start using coupon codes (also known as discount & promo codes). Many online retailers have major discounts by shopping online. Some even offer FREE shipping. Keep an eye out for companies that also offer FREE returns. We like to support consumers who shop online by providing them with the best discounts from hundreds of online retailers that provide us with special discount offers to promote for them. ✂️💵

Using gift cards is within “the norm” in today’s society. If you shop at a certain retail store, dine out at a certain restaurant or have a preference for a specific grocery store & supermarket, purchase gift cards at a gift card company online so you can save additional money. ✂️💵

By prioritizing a little time each week, you can expect to really make a difference in not giving extra money to retailers, restaurants and supermarkets. Sims does an excellent job in demonstrating with proper planning & preparation, a little time dedicated to saving money along with an interest in not paying full price, one can save money. ✂️💵

Here is an example of working smart for saving money. If you get discounts from Groupon by email, they offer many discounts that can save you at least 50% off or more. Sometimes, you can find a special promotion for a 52-week subscription for your local newspaper for Sunday delivery for ONLY $10-$15! That’s not a typo…that’s about 19 cents a week to have their newspaper delivered to you for every Sunday for a full year. Even if it’s a half a year – JUMP ON THIS TYPE OF DEAL! This delivery also includes weekly coupon inserts and retail store circulars. You can then compare the coupons to the store sales and save even more money. ✂️💵

Depending on what part of South Florida you live in, have the Sun-Sentinel, Miami Herald or Palm Beach Post weekend newspaper delivered to your home. Take advantage of their coupon inserts. ✂️💵

It doesn’t take long time and it’s not a major sacrifice in order to save money. The real question is what are you willing to do in order to make it happen? We want to help you make it happen! That’s why I started our company. To help you save money and never pay full price – unless of course you just want to and you just read this because you have too much time on your hands. 😉

Keith Sims, coupon king

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