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When I was young I was taught by my mother to cut coupons to save money. Times were tough and we did what we needed to in order to stay afloat. We saved enough money in order to purchase certain food & staple items that we wanted or needed each week. She taught me how to use great money saving techniques and to this day I appreciate her keeping me grounded.

Today it is just common sense not to pay full price if you don’t have to!

Print Free Coupons

I talk with a lot of people and sometimes I will get a reply of “I don’t have time to cut coupons!” Really? Really? You don’t have time to cut coupons? I think it comes down to people not wanting to be bothered on how to learn how to do something new; even if it saves them money. It also probably has to do with a society thing…but that’s another story! My recommendation is to ATTACH A DOLLAR AMOUNT TO CUTTING COUPONS

If you found a $5.00 bill on the floor, would you pick it up? Of course you would. Well, not too many $5.00 bills are on the ground in front of you waiting to be picked up 😉 but if you take a few minutes each week I’m sure I can help you save $5 or more each week for when you go food shopping. The money you save can be applied towards a ball game or concert you want to attend or that something new you just want to buy for yourself and don’t want to feel guilty for breaking the bank!

You should refuse to pay full price whenever possible. If you take a few minutes each week, you’ll be on your way to saving hundreds of dollars each year when you go grocery shopping.

For starters, you can Get FREE Printable Coupons Now from

Next…just take a few minutes each week look online using

Create an ID and Password for yourself and keep this information in a safe place.  Then log in once a week for a few minutes.

Honestly, it doesn’t take much effort. See if any of the items you use and plan to purchase at the supermarket are available for you to “clip” (that means to select to print) so you can redeem the coupon(s) at the cashier at your local grocery store or supermarket. That’s it!

There are so many ways I can help you save money over the course of the year; but the reality is you have to look in the mirror and decide if taking a few minutes to save money each week is worth it for yourself. If you find it’s worth the time, then congratulations on the start of refusing to pay full price!

BONUS COUPONING TIP: Make a list of manufacturers you purchase from on a regular or semi-regular basis. Read more about this in my special report below.

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