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1In the past, I have scored a few FREE subs at Subway food restaurants, in a matter of days!

I totally forgot about having this Subway gift card available I purchased at a gift card discount promoter before hand. I wound up having it stored in a secret place which I’ll reveal later as you read on. 😉  

I admit it’s been a while since I have been to Subway for a meal; but when I used to go to Subway, I had that hankering for a meatball sub for breakfast…yes in the morning! We all have our issues but hey, you know how it is when you have to get your “Hunger ON!” 😉 Well, by organizing my coupons AND my gift cards, I was able to eat out at Subway and still had a balance of $ 8.57 left over. I managed to use the balance over the next week. 

Many of times I have all of these gift cards available but they are scattered all around the home and car. You know that old adage about time equaling money. Well if money = time, then organization is a key component to saving money. Keeping my coupons organized and available with me in my car, I can shop anywhere in a store or supermarket for myself and not have to remember if I have a coupon available or not. 

Okay, us true couponers know about having a coupon binder or something along those lines to keep your coupons available in a timely manner; but what about all of those gift cards you have accumulated? Gift cards are worth money, right? So if gift cards are worth money, how is it that we don’t always treat them like a financial commodity? 4“Out of Mind…Out of Sight!” doesn’t help us when it comes to saving money. It rarely helps me anyway.

I found my Subway gift card hiding in my pants pocket…yes, that was the secret hiding place. 🙂 It was more like an accidental placement. To combat the issue of losing gift cards and keeping them in a convenient location, I decided to place most of my gift cards with my coupons in my coupon binder. Let me expound on this just a little bit. 

Some binders have accessories for students. One of them is a three ring accessory bag which you can place items like pens, rulers, crayons, rubber bands, playing cards, bookie money and other important items. Wait, what kind of student needs playing cards and bookie money? 🙂 Just seeing if you are paying attention.

Seriously, those accessory bags are great for keeping items in your coupon binder together. I keep many items in mine. Some items include a pair of scisscors for cutting coupons on the road, mini-sticky pads so I can write a note for myself on the coupon or gift card (i.e. gift card balance) and paper clips so I can combine a few coupons for a certain store or supermarket. You can also stash some of your gift cards in there too. Just wrap them up in a rubber band and that should do the trick. Now, if I’m out and about, I don’t have to search for a certain gift card gem that will save me money later.  

MY RECOMMENDATION: Leave the valuable gift cards over a certain value at home. Those are the ones you NEVER want to lose in the freakish event you should lose your coupon binder. Just be smart about it. You can place your gift cards in a safe Assorted Gift Cards place at home if the value is worth more than $25 – $50.  Okay, so I just gave you two suggestions on where you can store your gift cards. Keep your gift cards in a special place and you’ll never know when it will come through for you. It did for me; after I found it! 😉 

There are many sources of gift card providers that will sell you gift cards at a discounted rate. The current savings on my last discounted gift card I purchased for Subway was a whopping 16% off! The percentage off rate does fluctuate from time-to-time. At that time, if one purchased a $100 gift card, one will pay only $84 and save $16!  That’s a pretty good savings; especially if you have a family to feed. Even if you are fending for yourself, it’s still a lot of money to save. Every little bit counts. So paying in advance helps you save money. That goes back to what I conveyed earlier about time equaling money and time management skills. Order gift cards in advance and make sure you have a strategy of keeping them handy once you obtain them so you can save money now and again later.

Remember, proper Gift Card Management equals Additional Savings for you…so don’t let time eat up your money!  

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