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Wouldn’t it be great if you can bag your own groceries at the supermarket and get a small discount for it too?

Hey Everyone! I have a quick question for you.

Do you think supermarkets should give customers a very small discount to bag their own groceries? 

Okay, I doubt this would ever happen; however, I would never say never. Currently there are stores like Walmart and Home Depot that offer express lines for their customers to scan, bag and process their own payments for their purchases.

Here are some enticers to support this option:

  • Give customers a chance to move the line forward more quickly to earn this incentive… 
    • Set up a separate line for people that want this option – like the “10 item or less” line…
  • Customers can put their money where their mouths are when they say their baggers can’t do a good job bagging their items or taking too long…
    • PS: If something cracks, breaks or drips, it’s your own responsibility… ACCOUNTABILITY! 
  • Customers would have less complaints about time being wasted in lines…
  • Better efficiency rates for consumer morale to return to the same supermarket with a rewarding consumer experience…
  • Money savers go a long way – if it’s improving consumer morale and is an efficient time saver, shouldn’t a small savings go back to the consumer? 
  • Employees can support their supermarkets in other ways.

Doing all I can to try to help you as my fellow consumer save a little money here and there! 🙂

Would you be in favor of this if you had to put your cell phone in your pocket or purse/bag and couldn’t use it while on this line? The reason I bring this up is if you are on this type of fantasy line, the key is to be focused and prepared to do your job in improving time efficiency for you and others on the same line.

How annoyed would you be if the person in front of you reached for their phone and took extra time. They don’t get a discount and have to go to the back of the line. Talk about being strict! 🙂

Maybe this is just that…a fantasy and perhaps this type of line can be created without a supermarket having to dole out a discount. Wouldn’t that still be a better option when you are in a rush and you have more than 10 items? 😉

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