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Apparel FabricSewing MachinesNew Michael’s Arts & Crafts Weekly Ad + Coupons!

Before you head over to Michaels arts & craft store, pull up the newest Michaels Weekly Ad with their latest sales & deals. New Michaels weekly sales & deals cycle starts on Sunday’s and ends on Saturday’s.

You can also use Michaels store coupons at any participating Michaels Arts & Crafts Store to save money. The best coupon for us anyway is usually their 40% off of any one regular price item coupon. Occasionally, you might be lucky enough to find a 50% off of any one regular price item coupon. Take advantage of these coupons whenever you can. These coupons usually expire on a Saturday.


When using the coupon that is good for purchases off of any one regular price, always look to see if the item you are about to purchase is an actual sale based item. If there is any sale associated with the item(s) you are purchasing, the coupon will not be valid. Trust me, I’ve made the mistake of bringing something up to the counter a few times to only find out I cannot use the coupon only because it’s already marked down. Sometimes the discount itself is less than the coupon itself. That’s when I shake my head. 🙂 On the other hand, sometimes they have half priced discounts if you are lucky and shop smart and that’s when you come out ahead and save even more money without the coupon so it’s a win for you anyway. Even if the item is worth lets say 25% off, you are still ahead 25% off the initial regular price so it’s still a savings for you.

You can use the coupon directly from your phone or you can print it out. The main coupons usually expire on Saturdays; however, please check the expiration date of each coupon.  When you use manufacturer coupons and combine them with the sales in their weekly ad, you will save additional money.

To find your nearest participating Michaels Arts & Crafts Store location, please view their store locator.


Coupons does have exclusions you will want to note prior to using it.  For more specifics & restrictions regarding this promotion, please refer to the Michaels Arts & Crafts Store their website for more details.  

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