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Top Seven FREE Things to do in New York City


If you are planning to visit New York City and you are looking to budget your wallet or purse wisely, you can mix in some FREE things to do in New York City.

Here is a list of seven things you can do for FREE in New York City. If you click on your preferred choice, you will have access to more information you can use to plan in advance. Don’t worry, it’s okay to incorporate some FREE things to do in New York City. After all, you have to skimp here and there if you plan on spending your millions of dollars on your next trip! 😉

7.  Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

6. Ride the Staten Island Ferry

5. Window Shop on Fifth Avenue

4. Free Juilliard Performances

3. Walk through Grand Central Station

2. Visit the New York Public Library

1. Picnic in Central Park

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