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When I was young, my mother once told me this trick but years have gone by and I have done enough ironing over the years and wasted enough time to realize —mom knows best! 🙂

If you have clothes that are clean but wrinkled…this will help you out in a pinch. It will also save you a lot of time too. Sometimes I have the habit of leaving my clothes in the dryer after the cycle has been completed.

Okay, come on…you know I’m not the only one that has had this happen to them. 🙂

Just throw a few ice cubes into your dryer machine, set it for it’s hottest settings and wait about a 10-minute session. The ice cubes will melt from the hot settings you program your dryer to and the steam will help smoothe out those wrinkles real quickly.

MY INSIDER TIP: Depending on the manufacturer of your dryer machine and the amount of clothes you have ready to be dried (again), I set the timer for an extra 15-20 minutes if it’s a large load of laundry. This will reassure all of your clothes will be dried.

  • You can also pull some of the clothes out and set them into a laundry basket then do a 10-minute session with half of the clothes.
  • Then when that cycle is done, pull them out and put in the second set of clothes to run in the dryer machine for another 10-minutes.
  • Also, you should pull your clothes apart to make sure clothes aren’t tangled. It helps with the drying process.

ANOTHER INSIDER TIP: What this video doesn’t mention but I use is some febreze scented spray on the clothes to have my clothes scented when they come out of the dryer.  You should try this too if you are looking to save time by removing wrinkles from your clothes.

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