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We don’t want to stray too far away on this one. Here is my professional opinion.

Best Buy is an awesome store to shop at for electronics. They even price match which is great; however, when it comes to birthday freebies or perks, it doesn’t appear to be their strong point. 🙁 It’s not a personal put down on them either…it’s a reality.

Maybe they’ll change their policy on this once they see this and how many other company’s we listed here have a birthday freebie and/or perk for their loyal customers. Can I be that much of a game changer?!?

You can still sign-up for their Best Buy loyalty program and save money throughout the year.

If you should get a birthday benefit from being a good customer of theirs, then consider it an additional unexpected perk and scroll down and comment in our comment section at the bottom of this page so we can look into it and make any updates necessary!

Here is the Best Buy store location finder for your convenience.

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