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Okay, here’s the deal about Bed Bath & Beyond’s birthday offer.

Bed Bath & Beyond has NO Birthday Offers…

Unfortunately, Bed Bath & Beyond does NOT offer a birthday offer if you join up for their newsletters by email – nor when you join their Beyond Plus loyalty rewards program. Yeah, I know…this sucks!

The Real 411…

After speaking with one of their customer service representatives, it shakes out this way:

  • You’ll occasionally receive free coupons for 20% by mail. Hold onto them. They never expire!
  • You might get some coupons when you join their newsletter by email.
  • If you join their Beyond Plus loyalty rewards program
    • You’ll receive 20% your entire purchases for one year along with FREE shipping for $29 for an entire year.
    • If you decide you want to cancel out, you will not receive a refund.

My Consumer Savings Advice to you is…

Since this is all about birthday offers and saving money…

  • I would stick to receiving the coupons by mail with the exception you are not receiving their coupons by mail – then sign-up for their newsletter by email.
  • Unless you plan on buying thousands of dollars from Bed Bath & Beyond over the course of the year — like if you are moving into a new home and need to buy furniture and furnishings and want that FREE shipping action because you don’t have time or the cargo to pick it up at the store —- as much as I enjoy Bed Bath & Beyond, I wouldn’t recommend joining their Beyond Plus loyalty rewards program unless if FREE shipping is worth the $29 for the entire year.

Here is the Bed Bath & Beyond store location finder for your convenience.

Comment below with your opinion on what you think about:

  • No birthday perks (discounts) or freebies from Bed Bath & Beyond.
  • Would you join this loyalty rewards program?

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