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Try to figure this out off the top of your head 😉 and have a great day!

Ooppppps!  This is a no-no but if you can I guess you will! 🙂

You might have to pass on this sale! 😉

Imagine sitting at the table as a family and cutting out coupons for the week!  Guess what? There’s nothing wrong with it at all. I still found this to be humorous. 🙂

If you have any coupon stories, I encourage you to share them with me.

Gotta love this commercial with Peyton Manning providing coupons to the cashier! 🙂

Money, Money, Money! 🙂

Perceptions versus reality…

If you are an extreme couponer then you’ll get this coupon humor of the day.  You know who you are! 😉

Trust them…

Congratulations or sorry to hear this! 🙂

Preperation is the key. Think of excuses ahead of time! 🙂


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