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Are you someone who uses Facebook? Are you a Facebook Addict, know it and looking to do something about it? Are you not a Facebook Addict but just don’t like the Facebook distractions? If you fall into either of these categories or if you just want to hone up on some quick tips, this is going to be beneficial to you.  File this under “FREE Information” for you.

For those of us that are on Facebook we know all of the benefits. There are so many ways it helps us. Whether it’s finding an old friend or colleague from the past to sharing photos with your family, or even stay current with up-to-date information through status updates with those you are connected to, there are lots of benefits.

With those benefits, there are some disadvantages with Facebook. These are the 7 Biggest Facebook Distractions you should avoid:

  • Getting Tagged in Posts
  • Facebook Chat Distracting You
  • Constant Notifcations About Comments
  • Your Facebook Ticker
  • Your Newsfeed
  • Sponsored Facebook Ads
  • Invites for Facebook Games

We found great advice written by Ravi Shukle who promotes Best Practices for Facebook along with Social Media Tips. Check out his article on The 7 Biggeest Facebook Distractions and How to Avoid Them.  You’ll get a lot of great information out of this one which will help you avoid some time pitfalls and distractions on Facebook and enable you to have a more “Facebook Friendly” experience.

Since we consider time to equal money, then this will help you save money by not wasting time with some Facebook distractions that might occupy your time.

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